BioPharma Global is Proud to Reaffirm our Commitment to Asia

BioPharma Global, America’s premier regulatory specialists for FDA and EMA orphan drug designations and regulatory strategy, is honored to announce the enhancement of its Global Business Initiative and East Asian outreach with the addition of Yalin Zhang, who brings strong regulatory expertise and a unique understanding of the Asian market place. Yalin is a graduate of Georgetown University where she received a Master’s in Biotechnology. In addition to her other skills Yalin is Bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese. With Ms. Zhang at our side we proudly extend our greetings and our services to the Chinese and other East Asian biopharmaceutical industries. We at BioPharma Global eagerly look to a future of connecting Asia’s brightest researchers with both the American  and EU markets by providing regulatory services specializing in FDA/EMA Orphan Drug, Breakthrough, and Fast Track Designations, among others. 

BioPharma Global荣幸的重申我们对亚洲的承诺

BioPharmaGlobal是美国FDAEMA孤儿药资格认定首要的专业药政咨询公司,我们荣幸的宣布扩大我们全球商业及亚洲业务拓展战略,并热烈欢迎新成员张雅林的加入。她拥有强大的药政专业知识和对亚洲市场的深入理解,毕业于Georgetown University并获得生物技术硕士学位,除此之外双语也是亮点之一。我们很荣幸的向中国和其他亚洲生物制药公司致以我们诚挚的问候。BioPharmaGlobal希望通过提供专业的FDA/EMA孤儿药资格认定,突破性疗法资格认定和快速审评等其他药政咨询,将亚洲最先进的药物研发项目与美国市场相对接。

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