Strategic Advantages

1. Competitive Pricing

Because BIOPHARMA GLOBAL is a nonprofit entity we use fixed project pricing in order to bill for the value provided while not being constrained by hourly pricing or cost-plus billing. This process allows us to be among the most competitive in the industry.

 2. Relationship Focus & Building a Premium Reputation

Building and maintaining positive, trusting relationships with clients is a key core value of BIOPHARMA GLOBAL. Treating clients with respect and leveraging strong relationships goes a long way in drug development. Trusted advice delivered appropriately and professionally is the hallmark of BIOPHARMA GLOBAL’s services, which entices clients to return for multiple services along the drug development continuum. BIOPHARMA GLOBAL seamlessly delivers many solutions to companies in the biotech sector from regulatory services, management consulting and reviews, as well as executive recruiting and training. Repeat clientele allows BIOPHARMA GLOBAL to take advantage of economies of scale when the Company is familiar with a client’s management style, internal structure, and the specific products and drugs in its pipeline.

3. The Project Cycle: Creating the Winning Formula a Prescription for Success

The project cycle for each regulatory deliverable is classically defined by a limited time-frame. While typical regulatory projects may last only 90 days from contract execution through project completion, BIOPHARMA GLOBAL is more sustainable and better positioned for longer term, relationship-based contracts because it has an integrated approach whereby one project feeds into the next business solution. Biotech companies that require regulatory services are often at the pinnacle of their own growth cycle with a regulatory deliverable that opens the door for a myriad of funding opportunities, which means rapid growth opportunities for the client. Such growth is often unmanageable for the company creator, who is usually a scientist or does not have a business background or acumen- yet finds themselves at the helm of a new company. This is where BIOPHARMA GLOBAL has an advantage because we  are positioned to provide a total solution beyond regulatory work to include traditional business solutions. Further, the regulatory team is trained to spot these other needs and the development team offers next step solutions at every project phase. The first project integrates the client into the BIOPHARMA GLOBAL framework and as the teams mutually acclimate to the clients operations and structure, new solutions are brought forward for consideration.

BIOPHARMA GLOBAL becomes so integrated in a client’s operating structure that they become a seamless part of their trusted team on their path to business success. The client team includes business solutions and regulatory professionals who are trained to listen to clients and learn from their interactions with the client in order to ultimately build a broader base of consulting services and service connection points with that client, creating a comfortable web of integration between the client and BIOPHARMA GLOBAL with the ultimate  goal of making the client successful. The business solutions team includes those with expertise in staffing and human resources, executive and management training, as well as compensation and benefits structures. The regulatory team is comprised of strong regulatory staff with experience in multiple submission types for both orphan specific and generic regulatory applications to FDA and EMA authorities, but is also  trained in understanding the client’s needs and matching clients with other services that can be provided by BIOPHARMA GLOBAL. Rather than traditional sales staff, BIOPHARMA GLOBAL has relationship development managers who serve as ambassadors of BIOPHARMA GLOBAL and liaise between the client and the Company in order to ensure strong relationships  and client satisfaction at each sequential step of client integration into the BIOPHARMA GLOBAL solutions framework. This allows us to build long lasting, trusted relationships and maintain a premium reputation in a marketplace where word of mouth is vastly important.