Our Mission

BIOPHARMA GLOBAL is a US based not-for-profit corporation serving rare disease researchers and orphan drug developers by providing regulatory affairs and human capital services in the biotech industry.

Our mission is to engage and support increased public awareness and education on the importance of the scientific activities and biotech research sector in developing new therapies to treat crippling and fatal rare diseases.  We dedicate ourselves to connecting people with a desire to work and contribute in the field of rare disease and orphan drug research with those needing their expertise and support. 

A consortium of scientific thought leadership driving education and awareness for orphan drug development and approvals; BIOPHARMA GLOBAL bridges the gap between rare disease cures being developed and ultimately approved for patient distribution by supporting efficient processing of FDA and EMA fast track approval applications.

Through an objective, deliberate thought process, a detailed road-map and integrated path forward is created for every client leading to the establishment of long-term partnerships. We provide our clients a suite of services which encompasses the best of scientific thought, management principles, and regulatory expertise with a reputation for creative solutions.

BIOPHARMA GLOBAL supports organizations, individual researchers and other rare disease and orphan drug stakeholders by participating in global conferences, contributing to research, donating time, expertise and a portion of its annual revenue to individuals and organizations which support said mission; offering technical guidance and regulatory review of clinical data to researchers needing assistance.